calling objects and layouts from another project

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  • Hello guys, I do not know if this is the ideal place for such doubts and I apologize for any problems, but I wonder if the constructor is there any way to call events and layouts from another project, and as we do in exemplod oriented programming languages the object. I await answers, presciso know this to complete my project. A hug.

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  • What is "Exemplod"?

    I don't know about calling events and layouts from other projects, but I can't think of a reason why that would be more useful than copying the code over manually.

    You could use the Save as Project option to get the event/layout file and copy it to another project, or simply copy and paste the code to the new project.

    But every single code has to be able to work in the new project to be pasted- You can't paste a code referencing an object or value that doesn't exist.

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