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  • I'm making my first car with animated wheels. They work OK, but not the way i want. I set it up for the anims to run on arrow keys pressed as it moves, yet as the car slides a bit after releasing the keys, the anims stop while the car is still slowing to a stop. I found a tutorial (or how to) on this topic somewhere on this website, but I can no longer find it. Is there some way I set up some sort of "is moving" function.

  • Anybody home?

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  • I was posted this a while back, there have been plenty of people responding to other posts following mine. I do not know if the question was too difficult to understand. Thankfully I got my answers in the chat room, but now I cannot get back into the chat room.

  • So.. did you get all the answers you needed, or do you still need help? If you do, we'll need more details about how you've set up the car movement. At the very least what kind of behaviour you have on your car. If you could post a .capx, that would be ideal.

  • Thank you Nimtrix. I was able to solve the issue in the chat room (Rook and Kyat solved my issue), but I could not get back into the chat room, it just kept sending me to an empty page. I guess I'm not sure how to access it every time. I appreciate you chiming in Nimtrix. I hope you were not bothered by my using your avatar in my fav features vid. I wanted to use some, but in order to decide which ones to use, I chose to use the avatars of those who helped me out during my first query's in the forum.

  • Hmm, make sure you click the "Chat" link in the menu, and not the "Chat Beta" that's part of the forum.

    Here's a direct link:

    Chat Link

  • That was the link that sent me to the empty pages. So I may not have signed all the way out prior, or something. It said to refresh window, but there was no refresh icon on the page. Tried refreshing with no results. I had to close all tabs open in FF, and try again to finally get back in. I guess I'm just not real clear on how it works.

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