How do I call a JAVA code when the user starts the app?

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The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application)
  • I want to integrate Appodeal's ad network (new network with highest eCPM on the market right now, around $10 ecpm). They already created the cordova plugin and I managed to use it when building through intel XDK. However, I don't know how to initialize the Appodeal SDK.

    Here's their documentation (click on phonegap):

    Apparently all is needed to do, after importing the cordova plugin, is to initialize the SDK by calling this code:

    String appKey = "fee50c333ff3825fd6ad6d38cff78154de3025546d47a84f";
    However, that is JAVA and not JavaScript, so I have no idea where to place that in order to get called when the user starts the app.
    If I can get the SDK to initialize then I can call the ads by using Execute Javascript within construct 2 (for example:; ).
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