How do I call image from XML

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  • Hi,

    I am able to call image by adding an image in files folder and by calling in a sprite from 'load image from URI' but I want to do this through XML as I am able to call text and audio from XML but not image.

    In simple terms I want to put images in file folder and call from XML when required like this.



    <text>A face.</text>




    Also in files folder creating subfolder and calling image from URI is also not working. This also my main concern to call from XML.



  • [quote:exgk6486] I am able to call text and audio from XML but not image.

    so... if you set Text to

    you get [i]"face.png"[/i]
    but...  you can't load image?
  • Yes exactly. I am not able to do this in Construct 2 but after exporting the HTML5 output I can change code but I want it natively. Please advice.

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  • test this capx.... faceLeg.capx

  • Thanks Korbaach that is a great help. I am making a mistake of not using // and not getting this result. That's a great help.


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