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  • So i've been stuck on this last bug for a while now. Music and sounds play fine, when i call the leaderboard, music stops. Leaderboard displays fine.

    When i back out of the leaderboard with the top right arrow provided on the leaderboard all music and soundfx will not play again, until the game is closed and then restarted.

    I've went through all my events/actions that include anything with the music/soundfx/leaderboard but i can't see anything that will cause this.

    I even changed the way the music/soundfx are handled. It may just be that i am not getting the event/actions correct when calling the leaderboard and dismissing it.

    When the player Logs In the very 1st time, the Audio is playing but stops for the Log In process. After Player Log In Succeeded the audio plays again fine.

    Leaderboard events: music is playing until ...

    Cordova Game - is logged in -

    ... On touched (object) -- Cordova Game > Show leaderboard for (leaderboard ID) ** I don't submit score here if logged in - I submit score on player death in another eventsheet**

    Cordova Game - is not logged in

    ... On touched (object) -- Cordova Game > Log in (tag "PlayerLogin")

    Cordova Game - On log in (tag "PlayerLogin") succeeded -- Cordova Game > Submit Score to (leaderboard ID) (tag "PlayerScore") **I don't get player image here cause i've never seen a player image show, so i leave that out and proceed to submit score**

    Cordova Game - On Submit Score Succeeded -- Cordova Game > Show leaderboard for (leaderboard ID)

    Is there something i'm leaving out, or something that i should not include?

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