call of duty like waves(how do i)

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  • /hello please help im am wondering how would it be possible to create different waves in a zombie survival game for instances:

    1 after all 25 zombies are killed pause layout bring up "round 2" ect

    2 start up again on the same layout add more zombies to the round and continue on with only 25 aloud on map but more than 25 zombies before another round????

  • i made an endless wave tower defense.

    It is actualy quite easy. Set monsters for a wave and keep a current wave variable (initialise it on 1). Every time a monster dies. Monsters-1.

    If a wave is over:

    if monsters = 0.

    CurrentWave+1 -> set monsters <amount>. Let's say currentwave*5

    set waveText -> "Wave:"&CurrentWave& " monsters: "&Monsters

    repeat untill player is dead..


    Pro tip: For spawning the monsters keep an extra variable OnScreen or something and set it to the amount of monsters

    so set OnScreen = Monsters.


    For spawning them:


    -> MonsterSPawner spawn "Monster".

    -> Subtract 1 from Onscreen.

  • so a wave global variable then subract from that when zombie is on screen?

    also want "text) round 2ect once they are all killed up there health and number over everyround

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  • i made a small example

    just make then follow your character instead of end. And et them check a new path every so often

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