is there a way of calculation distance in geolocation?

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  • I was wondering if there's a way of tracking distance travelled using geolocation. it will be shown as a progress bar so it doesn't need to be accurate to a map it just needs to show distance travelled in metres/feet.

    thank you

  • I don't know exactly , but have a look at this

    What I would do:

    Go to google maps, set your destination to lat0,long0, (zoom in and click until you find it) then go to lat 1 and see how many km are, then divide one by the other to find out a multiplication factor. Do the same for the longitude. Use Google dev console to modify gps coordinates so you can test your code

    But from the above link, I can see that 1 degree = 111.2 km, so you can test using this value as a multiplication factor for the values that you get from Browser.location

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  • To actually calculate the the distance traveled, create 3 variables: DistanceTraveled, LastLocationLat and LastLocationLong

    Add geolocation plugin to your project then every time the geolocation is updated do like this:

    DistanceTraveled = DistanceTraveled + distance(LastLocationLat,LastLocationLong,Geolocation,Latitude,Geolocation.Longitude)

    LastLocationLat = Browser.Lat

    LastLocationLong = Browser.Long

    You cand find the distance(X1,Y1,X2,Y2) in System object, under math section I think

  • Thank you so much this helped a lot

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