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  • Hey Guys, so the first Game is finished successfully and now i wanna make a new one.

    I have decided to create something like an air hockey, there are several games iOS available.

    Now i stuck the collision. I dont know how to give the Puck (Ball) a permanent Speed and calculate the angle the collision between Puck and the "Racket".

    I wanna create a physics like in Billiard / Snooker.

  • I have a feeling that Physics should do this automatically - you just have to turn down the friction of your puck, and find a way to control the racket. Make sure the collision masks are circular.

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  • Hey thanks for the reply,

    my Problem is to move the Puck automatically when I press the GameStart Button into a direction. The puck stuck at one place.

    Collision works good with circle mask [thx :)] but i only found one solution to move the puck (Move Forward).

    I expect that if i get a constant Speed to the puck the move Forward Problem will be solved.

  • You should be able to to 'apply impulse at angle' to get the puck moving in whichever direction you'd like (or a random one).

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