C2 on Ouya and Game Stick

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  • Hello everyone,

    Last month I had the opportunity to see the Game Stick working at AMAZE indie connect in Berlin. They are working only with some selected developers at moment, but they will open for more devs very soon. I would like to know if there is anyone using C2 on it right now and of course if its possible. Since it is an android based console, like Ouya, I think C2 could work on it. At least I hope so :)

    What about Ouya? Is there any C2 game working on it or any other android based console? Are the performance limitation the same as Android devices? Is it working fine? Is there any limitations/restrictions?

    Thank you.

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  • I have heard there are some problems with the pictures. Cause you need there, high resolution pictures.

    How I heard this is no big deal for the ouya but for the game stick.

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