C2 games not working in IE9/10/11

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  • I did some tests in IE and my games doesn't work. The game loads and freezes on the first screen. The buttons and the sounds do not work. The games works very well in Chrome and Firefox. The problem may be the Touch object? What could be the other reasons? Thanks.

  • RenatoB, I had trouble like that a while ago. I believe there was a known bug where touch events weren't firing in some versions of IE. It sounded like Ashley thought he had fixed it, but I know I had the issue after that (but I may have still been using an older version of C2). I haven't tested in old versions of IE recently, but if you are up-to-date and still having the problem you may want to submit a bug report...

  • AllanR, I was afraid it was something wrong I was doing, so I asked here to see if it happens to everyone. If the problem is the touch object, can also use the Mouse object, such as another condition (or). That would solve the problem or I need to remove the Touch conditions?

  • C2 games should work fine on IE9+. We have not heard any similar reports to this one. Are your graphics card drivers up to date?

  • Ashley, I tried in two different machines (IE9 - desktop with win7 nvidia gts 450 / netbook win8 IE11). All my graphics card is up to date. A friend of mine did a test and not worked in his machine too (notebook win8 IE11). Everythig happens the same way: loading the game and freezes. No audio and no interaction. This happened with 03 games.

  • I changed the Touch objects by Mouse objects and the game worked in Internet Explorer. The only problem now is that it has no sound. How can I solve this? So I have to create games with Touch objects only to mobile devices and use Mouse objects when producing games for the web?

  • RenatoB - no sound in IE is a common problem when the server is not configured correctly. Server issues could have also caused your other problems. The manual describes the MIME types you need to set up for audio.

  • Thanks ASHLEY. I'll check the manual about the server configuration. And with regard to the problem with the touch objects? I shall use them only in the applications versions and switch to mouse objects when producing games for web?

  • I also noticed some time ago that my simple RPN-calculator don't work at all with IE .. I never bothered checking about Touch vs Mouse since I used touch-system inside the C2 and just assumed it will work on all browsers..

  • Ashley: I saw in the manual the following reference:

    MIME types

    In order for your server to send audio files Correctly, it must be set-up with The Following MIME types:

    . the ogg audio / ogg

    . m4a the audio/mp4

    But I don't understood exactly where I have to change it on the server. Thank you.

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  • Ashley: I had access to MIME TYPE settings. The audio / ogg entry was already configured. I included audio/mp4, but IE is still no sound. Any other setting I need to do? I need to show the game in IE for a possible customer and I don't know what else to do.

  • If you have trouble with MIME types you should contact your host - the way you set them up depends on who runs your server.

    Those MIME types should be enough to get it working. Try changing the URL of the game to make sure it's not using the offline cache and has saved a broken version. If it still doesn't work, share a link to your game on the web so we can take a look.

  • Ashley: Thanks. I already asked for support on my host because I saw that despite configure audio/mp4 as m4a, appears as "mp4a". Another question: I need to include the 03 types of audio files on the server (wav/m4a/ogg)?

  • You only need .m4a (not .mp4a) as audio/mp4 and .ogg as audio/ogg.

  • Ashley: So I can delete the wav files after conversion and preserve the ogg and m4a files in the music/sound folders?

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