Does C2 game usually heat up mobile phone quickly?

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  • Just wondering if poorly constructed events cause the phone to heat up quicker?

    I have a simple game but it heats up my phone really quickly. It does have more than 300 events but mostly just checking for conditions. Only 2 - 3 minutes into the game and I can feel the heat through the external casing.

    I have an app that detects temperature (not sure how accurate it is) but it increased by 3 - 4 Celsius in 1 minute. My phone doesn't even heat up that much when playing 3D games for more than 15 minutes.

    Did a quick check and my phone has the following specs:

    Processor: Exynos 5430 octocore 32-bit

    Graphics: Mali T628 MP6

    RAM: 2GB

    Not sure if it matters but just posting it for advices. Could be that the hardware is poorly constructed? I experimented on my gf's Nexus 5 and it also heat up pretty quickly.

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  • Yes, probably. Anything that is graphics intensive requires a lot of computing power which generates a lot of heat.

    I don't know how efficient Construct's mobile exporters are too, but I never had much success with webapps using phone-based browsers.

    I stopped designing for phones. Our game exceeded phone hardware limitations a long time ago, lol.

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