C2 Game problem with CocoonJS

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  • Hi everyone,

    I posted this on Ludei forums and not sure if I will get any response because i also emailed Ludei and never got any response back so I decided to post here as well.

    We complied latest build of our game using Cloud Compiler and opened the build in Xcode version 4.6.

    When I try to run the game in iPad/iPhone 5.0 Simulator I get message:

    "Cannot run on the selected destination" message.

    When I test on actual iOS Device in this case iPhone 4 and iPad Mini the following happens:

    please take a look at the video:

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    If you turn up the sound a bit you can hear around 21 Seconds music is stutters and the screen just stays black.

    I tried to launch the game using CocoonJS Launcher using iPhone 4 and everything works perfectly.

    But when I did the same with iPad Mini all I get is black screen with FPS displaying on the side.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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  • No one else here had this type of a problem?

  • sorry for bumping, but I really need help with this one :(

  • Having this issue too. I think it might be more of an XCode issue.

  • Ludei instructions states that you can't run the xcode project in an emulator. You have to archive and build and then test on a real handset.

  • Hmmm, try to update your IDEs / SDKs (xcode, etc). Also: Try to compile your project with different engines on cocoonJS.

    2.0 beta is not available. ... At last: post your issue on the ludei forum.

  • Nice post

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