Make C2 Game Communicate with MyArcadePlugin's Features

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  • Dear Full Stack C2 Developer,

    here is the developer guide:

    Could you please provide a functional example of how to make C2 Games use features of MyArcadePlugin's game data management to have leaderboards, high scores etc. displayed on a website with data from C2 project?

    I bet it is not that much of a hussle for someone who knows a bit of PhP. I personally know only strong basics of front end stuff.

    Step by step guides / suggestions are greately appreciated. I could do it by myself if i had an outlined and clear cut path to follow/accomplish. I am willing to learn everything that is relevant to accomplish this goal.

    My intention behind all this is to have my own, independent wordpress site with a few simple games integrated with all the amazing features of MyArcadePlugin.

    Please help me go on my dream!

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  • any suggestions, anything to give me a little push?

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