Could C2 create that shape and blending effect??

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  • Hi guys,

    I really believe, that C2 is almost almighty, and if there are some feature leaks now, they could/would be improved in the immediate future!

    I've seen the nice effect on that site , which is HTML5, and I was wondering if C2 could achieve that too. I've tried around for a day without success...

    1) I have not found a possibility in C2 to create primitive lines or shapes, which is integrated in HTML5;

    2) Is it possible to play with the sprite object form/edge, i.e. round the corners??

    Maybe you could have an idea??


  • Yes it's doable... um I'm not an export on this however.

    Just modify and edit the principles as needed. Don't use black. use a triangle sprite....

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  • Hei, thank you very much.

    The Blending settings were the key to success. I realized it partially, but never succeed to set the correct combination. Now it is working sides blending... (sorry for the wild hand-made triangle shape)



    Unfortunately, I'm still missing the possibility in C2 to create and change shapes. In the example site there is a dynamic corner rounding. So far, that the triangle becomes a circle at the end. Maybe I have to draw the frames in another program, export them, and make an animation out of them in C2?!

    Is there the possibility to add some raw HTML5 code to the canvas from within C2??


  • ....

    Maybe I have to draw the frames in another program, export them, and make an animation out of them in C2?!



    That is the way I tried...

    my example

    I think there is a plugin that allows you to draw direct ("canvas" ? maybe) - but nothing I have ever tried.

  • Yes, thank you for the animation example... What program did you use??

    Anyway, it would be more efficient to do it procedural, because of the fine dynamic changing of the form, using different shapes etc. Could it be developed as C2 Plug-In if not planed already by the C2 team??

  • I used a program called drawplus 4.

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