Is it C2 capable of making something like this?

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  • I think almost everyone heard for Restaurant City one of the most famous games on Facebook.

    Can you make similar game like Restaurant City for example in Construct 2 without multiplayer compatibility ?

    So you'll have a isometric object (restaurant) ,where you can level up , unlock some stuff , drag and drop , many layers that pops up on touch , AI movement from point A to point B avoiding solid object (path finding). Can you do all this in Construct 2?

  • yes it can be done, but its a tricky thing isometric games are more complex than 2d classic ones.

  • yes it can be done, but its a tricky thing isometric games are more complex than 2d classic ones.

    Yes i know that but it can't be that hard , right ?

    I though it is possible but i have no idea how AI will follow random path , avoid all isometric solic object and for example clean the table

  • variables for the functions ,eating/cleaning

    if you look well tables are just empty squares isometric

    the characters never touch the top of the tables, objects appears on the table when someone brings foods.

    so thats easy

    for the layers i have a simple idea

    for example you want 1 character who can turn around the table, this is the trick

    when the character is BEHIND the table he is on layer 1

    when he move on FRONT of the table he switch to layer 3

    ALL the items, foods/drinks etc are ALLWAYS on LAYER 2

    characters just switch from layer 1 to 3 and gives you the illusion of volume

  • If i understood , my "table" should be on layer 2 and player (AI) can only go (stand) on layers 1 and 3?

  • yes exactly

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  • Yes it's absolutely possible.

    Isometric however isn't easy to work with.

    But rex_zSorter Plugin helps you to do the layer ordering automaticaly.

    So you will be able to freely move around behind, and in front of the table and it will look correct.


    Pathfinding within an isometric environment works as well out of the box.

    Everything you ask for is possible.

    But it's not going to be easy.

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