There is in C2 analog RTS Behavoir from Construct Classic?

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  • There is in C2 analog RTS Behavoir from Construct Classic? I

  • Here is a good tutorial on the subject. always best to follow the tutorial to better understand how it works, But for the lazy designer there is a .capx file attached. Have fun and enjoy. JC

  • Sorry, my english is bad, i mean i can't find RTS Behavoir in Construct 2. It's very bad for me, because i create my game in Canstruct Classic and all enemys Ai I create with RTS Behavoir (in Construct Classic RTS Behavoir is in Standart behavoir, not plugin). Now i revrite my game with C2, and it's very strange for me that i can't find this function.

  • As the behavior was created by a 3rd party. You might have to look for the creator of the Behavior or put out a request with a link to the behavior files so that some else can modify it for C2. As my knowledge limited as to what it takes to make a plugin for C2. I will not be much help in this matter. But if it where WP I could make those modifications. Have fun and Enjoy. JC

  • You could also try and move the behavior to the c2 behaviors folder and hope it works.

  • CC plugins / behaviors are not compatible with C2.

    Someone else asked about the CC RTS behaviour 4 years ago. Here is the response: Maybe this will be of help.

    If anyone is good at understanding both the current C2 plugin architecture, and also has a good understanding of the 'c' programming language, then the source for the Construct Classic RTS plugin is HERE.

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  • The RTS behavior was renamed to the Pathfinding behavior in C2, since that's what it really does. So it's always been there in C2, just with a different name.

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