How do I make a button play sound?

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  • Hi there, Im making a quiz game and its do to with learning words and phonics. I've planned to include a sound button to sound out the phonic for each question, I'll also have 3 other buttons for the answers which will be images without sound.

    So, I have all 30 recordings, how do i make a button which plays the sound upon being clicked/touched? I've read the basic audio guide but it just states how to make the left click make the same sound?

    Also, this is a cheeky question on the side, but, if I have already set up my "Scene" for the quiz, how do i link each "Project/Question" together, so one loads after the other?

    Manythanks :D

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  • Are you looking for the "Button -> On clicked" event? Or do you have a sprite? In that case you may be looking for the "Touch -> On touched object" event. On either, you simply play the audio for the sound related to that button.

  • Thanks! That worked! :D

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