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  • Good morning/day guys!

    Well, after the latest update of C2, I've got problem with my buttons in some places of my game.

    Let me explain:

    I have few Layouts, one of them is GameLayout. There is more than 13 layers. Layer Communication is the place with problem. (Sorry for long info )

    Sprite ComBT and ComBTTX is like Communications menu. With instace Variable "Usage". Fleet have "FLEET" etc. and after last update I found this problem.

    I just copy every line from "FLEET" in gamesheet and paste it for new IV - "CORP". Then I changed the text included in actions and conditions and guess what? Still not working. I'm too lazy to printscreen my C2 with this, but if you demand I will do it for you. :3

    Cheers guys

  • You keep mentioning after the latest update, do you mean your logic was working before and now it's not since an update?

  • Yop. I will post a screen after my bath.

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  • Pic1

    On this picture, you can see how those comands are set on buttons (Sprites) for Corporation.


    This picture shows you how is Pirate section set. For compare.


    On third and last Picture you can see button variable..

    IDK why it not works. Any ideas?

  • What is it showing instead, the info from Fleet? You could be manually changing the variable to CORP in the editor but something in the actual game changes it to Fleet when you run it? You can confirm this by running debug mode and seeing what the Usage variable is set to in game. If it's not that, link me to a cut down capx of just the button logic and I'll see if I can spot anything.

  • Debug showed me that button was clicked with one another what was on same layer. It's repaired. I don't know why I didn't saw it before. :/

    Thanks pal.

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