How do I make buttom mashing work?

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  • Hi guys,

    i am working on some kind of rhythm game, where you have to push buttons in a defined pattern.

    I want it to work on Desktop Browsers and on Mobile.

    I made some tests for button mashing, just to test how often the button press is registered.

    Adding the value "1" to a visible score.

    Keyboard input works great and very fast.

    But on my iPhone, the "on tap gesture" behaves strange.

    I can register a lot inputs when I do not press on the same spot on the screen, like with both thumbs by turns on the left and right side of the screen.

    When I tap very often on the same spot, it sometimes misses an input.

    Is there a solution to make this work?


  • not quite sure what your want to create. But search for simon says I believe there is a .capx and demo explaining how to create the on event choose random colors.

    also look at adding once while true statements to the code.

    You may also have to play with on tap vs. on touch as they do different things.

  • I think "On any touch start" should work faster. Can you check it?

  • If the beahvior works differently, it is supposed that you couldn't reproduce the same outcome from it by the same method. Anyway, I would try the same as you did but using a variable and a timer to reset the variable. So you could say On tap(if var is true)>start counting>set var false>if time bigger than "insert your time here">set var true. I am not sure, but I think you could control better the time between one tap and another by using time.

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  • "on any touch start" solved all my problems! Let the button mashing begin!

    Thanks mindfaQ and all others for their responses!

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