How do I - 180 bullets, possible bug or I just suck?

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  • Probably the latter,

    All I'm trying to do is have the bullet shoot left AND from the same image point spot when the player faces left. Pretty simple problem. I set it up to do so, and it works 90% of the time but sometimes the bullet will shoot a tiny bit lower than where the imagepoint is when the player is facing right, like it will shoot out of the players feet when facing left. (using the 180 degree bullet angle action set).

    To attempt to fix this I thought I was a genious so I made a second image point and dragged it slightly higher than the right facing bullet spawn image point, attached the mirrored bullet angle to the 2nd image point and it worked but not perfectly. The bullet will still spawn roughly 50 pixels below where it should when I have the action "adjust bullet angle 180 degrees." What the hell.

    (posting this from memory not referencing my event screen so the wording may be a tad off)

    Event - Mirror player

    Bullet Action - spawn bullet on image point - Rotate Bullet Angle 180 degrees when player is mirrored.

    Bullet doesnt come out where I want it to. Any help?

  • Can you post a capx ?

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  • without more information it is shooting in the dark but...

    look at your bullets (sprite) image point - is it up/down from centre - but if your bullet is working 90% of the time it can't be this...

    do you have multiple images for your bullet ?

    I'm with Coin coin - I think we need to see the capx.

    Good luck

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