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  • Hi guys, Im having a problem with my bullets not doing damage when colliding. Wondering if someone could shine a ray of light upon my abomination of a project. This is mega simple but wont work and its wrecking me.

    Archer and an Enemy_Archer Both have bullets that are spawned On Shoot (Arrow1 and Arrow2).

    When arrow collides with the target, arrow is destroyed. 10 is subtracted from Health variable.

    Both of them are shooting at each other like i want, the arrows get destroyed on collision, but no reduction in health.

    (I also have an Enemy_Ninja, and it seems to work fine on him)

    Anyone have any ideas or obvious things to look for?

    Thanks in advance

  • Ok. Fist, do you have something checking the score in real time? this could mean that it is in fact reducing the health, but its not being displayed.

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  • Nah i dont have any health bars or anything, The archers have 10 health, and the arrows do 10 damage, so they should die when hit. Ive tried lots of combinations of numbers to test. The arrows are being destroyed, so i guess they are colliding, just no reduction in the variable. Ill set a health bar to see if anything wierd is happening


  • Ok, so my problem just got weirder.

    Some of the enemy archers appear to not fire their projectile at the target, the animation is played but the arrow is invisible.

    However, when i run it with the debugger, they're firing the arrows again... without any change at all.

    Still not sorted the fact they aren't doing damage either, what is this madness.

    Gonna go start a new thread 'How do i kill myself'

  • You need to post a CAPX so people can have a look.

  • another post, about i made a game, and don't know what i did )

    hint : in old c2 versions, the localhost:50000 was getting cached after testing and testing all over again, so when you'd be doing fixes or changes you'd be seeing endlessly the buggy version,

    in order to fix that you need to go in c2 settings and change from the preview on browser instead of localhost to your ip localhost and add a firewall port approval , see if that helps there are a few info topics around here! if not check you bullet has the opacity 100%? is it default visible? is it spawning behind a solid background image? that you have it on a layer 1 and the bullet spawns on layer 0? etc etc ....

    however if you have an older version as 140r/192r that means you might encounter some bug's or glitches in the version, else its your events , and 99% of the time, the how do i section is all about the same problem...

  • Thanks for the advice mate, the localhost is loading fine, things are changing when i edit my events, most of the time for the worse haha.

    I sorted the damage problem out, the turrets are always set within a certain angle and some of them were too close to be able to find their target. I used compare distance X to set them on a new path that is within the Range/Angle of finding the Target.

    Ive only been at this a week or so, im slowly learning that you need to speak to the computer in words rather than sentences, so that it is able to understand. It really is like talking to a brick wall sometimes.

    Thanks again.

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