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  • When bullet spawns it is far from the image points on the positive xside of my level but when i move to the negative it works fine my player is connected to a player box by everytick and the image points are on my players 2 guns there are multiple animation frames witch i custom set all image points and ive taken off the player box and physics and still no luck please help

  • Can you provide capx please? Without looking at one cannot say what is going on

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  • So problem is that bullets doesn't spawn on choosen image points? If so did you make image point on the sprite AND didn't you forget to set right image point in action "spawn object bullet ( image point "...")"? Also check image point on the bullet. If it still doesn't work send a capx I will take a look on it.

    PS: "...my player is connected to a player box by everytick..." You have event that says "every tick -> set position to playerbox"? Using Pin behaviour might be better (You just pin once).

  • im a noob so i dont know how to post a capx. but i changed it so the playerbox has two image points and it works on the left side of my layout but when i go to the right it starts to distance itself from the player box i also pined the box to the player to keep it relative to the position which it does perfectly but if you could tell me how to post a capx i will gladly im stumped

  • i found out why its my paralaxing background but i still do not understand why if it is on the same layer as my player any ideas?

  • im a noob so i dont know how to post a capx...

  • thanks for that

  • Or dropbox👇

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