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  • Guys i start to feel stupid. I add "touch" and "bullet" behaviors to a sprite. All i want to make it stop/move on each tap action.

    I tried to compare "m" variable and assign bullet speed according to m variables value. for example

    m=0 bul.speed=0

    M=1 bul.spped=100

    Then i compare value of m and add extra consition "on tap" to change value of m from 0 to 1 or vice versa.

    When i run it, bullet object stops on tap gesture without problem. However on next tab its not moving.

    I am in a cafe so cant add capx but will try to take photo of small example and add here if i can.

  • Btw i tried enabling/disabling bullet instead of changing speed. It's not working either.

    I know there is very simple mistake i made :/

  • try

    or use Else

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  • korbaach Thank you mate, i keep movng some pixels before stopping but it works.

    Do you have any idea why my method is not working?

    Esit: didnt see your second suggestion. Only difference between your 2nd sug. and what i did is you use "else" i use value=1

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