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  • Hello I have done the tutorial, and for the start of my game that i'm making I have done everything in the tutorial. For some reason the bullets are going backward, and my character isn't turning with the mouse. The behaviors and all the events are identical between the two. Any idea as to why this is happening?

  • 1- In the behavior options , set " Set angle of motion " to No

    2- The Angle ( Represented by a line on the player object ) should be dividing the player face by two and pointing where the player vision is ... Try to tweak it's image rotation ( In the Image Editor ) !

    If this doesn't solve your issue , post a capx. of your game and we'll find the issue for you !

    Cheers !

  • It does not solve the issue sadly, but here is a screenshot wait you can only insert an image if its online? The game isn't even near complete, I have horrid artwork solo as it is haha but how do i just put an image from my computer on here to show you that isn't online? Sorry to be such a bother but just starting to make digital games.

  • You can't , At my knowledge ...

    Try Explaining the issues a little more ... Detail it so I can understand or just post your .capx here !


  • Use dropbox to upload and display either your capx or images.

    Are you sure you are using a mouse object in your project ?

  • Yes I am using a mouse in the project and I think it is the sprite issue since I have re done the whole thing, but used the same sprite. That or just i don't know. I don't know how to post a capx, or a site or anything to post it on to help learning that would be helpful if you could tell.

    But the issue is that the bullets forward momentum is reversed for some reason, and this may be due to the character not moving with the mouse for some reason.

    These issues did not happen when I followed the steps for the tutorial game, but besides downloading images from construct everything at this point, events behaviors, they are all the same as the beginners tutorial.

  • Hey , We can't help you like that ! Either post a .capx or do it by yourself !

  • aha! i got it on drop box here is the link


  • For the bullets shooting backwards... If you click on whatever is shooting the bullets, rotate it (after you click 'edit animations') so that the gun is facing the right edge of the screen. Move your image point and origin, make sure they're were they need to be, and that should make your bullets fire straight. If not, try it the other way. Hope that helped. If they are firing directly oppostite of your gun, then just spin it a full 180, not 90 degrees.

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  • Post your capx (save as single file).

    The .caproj is a useless file by itself, the .capx is an archive of all your project at once.

  • Oh ok now i'm getting it, but I don't have winrawr and every time I try it wants me to pay for it, is there some way around this or any other system that I can use as a zip?

  • Read my previous post.

    Also the green word is a link that will take you to another page you also need to read.

  • yes o dear god yes I finally made it work on drop box there was an issue with drop box being corrupted but i got it to work! here is the link


    I believe this is how drop box works, but you can just download and play if there is an issue I will be more than happy to give it to you by name or email since that shows another way on drop box.

    Thank you for being patient with me, trying to learn every digital thing for games is a still difficult for me since well not in an area where people with that knowledge can help me and I really want to thank you all for the help :)

  • Hey Wiz, I downloaded your game and I think I can help some. First off, I just wanted to say that your game is pretty good. I also think that your game would be better orientated as something like this;


    (sorry, you're going to have to manually put that into your address bar)

    Where the player sees the player from a top view. If you follow that tutorial, you should start to understand why the bullets only go one way. Hope that helped. Also, your collisions with the pillars is off because you didn't erase all of the image that you didn't want. If you get rid of that and crop the image again, your player should not collide with it until he's actually touching the pillar. ;) Hope I helped you a little.

  • Thank you very much, and thanks for the game opinion its just a start but ya, horrid with art haha. The pillars I already knew about, just was fixated on the bullet issue.

    Thank you for all your help with it, and hopefully this will help.

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