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  • hello everyone i have some issues with the bullets in my game i have some enemies that spawn bullets but when i destroy them all the bullets on screen bugs and follow you, btw they are destroyed when they arent on screen,i dont know what i am doing wrong but i would appreciate any help

    in this, here is my capx dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85479859/cosaloca.capx


  • what is the issue? please explain in more detail. All I see is a mass of bullets moving across the screen.

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  • well in the layout 1 i have all the patterns of the bullets and all works as intended but in the layout 2 the bullets just bugs and as you can see there is a mass of bullets on screen that follows you.

    you can check the patterns on the layout 1 by disabling the bullet behavior of the family1 and activating the groups on the event sheet 1

  • what i mean is that the "bug" are the movement of "in and out" that the bullets do also when there is no enemy on screen there will be bullets following you, if you check the patterns on the layout 1 and compare them to the layout 2 you will know what i mean

  • I'm not sure everything is working as intended in layout 1. I can't see the enemy spawner objects working at all and in layout 2 there are only enemy spawners. On layout 2 I don't see any patterns or any bullets apart from the player.

  • you need to wait some seconds, the camera moves slowly

  • Because the bullet angle of motion is set to move towards the player? The reason that bullets appear when there are no enemies on screen is because you spawn from an enemy spawner when they are out of the player's view.

  • the spawners are destroyed when they spawn an enemy also the enemies are destroyed when they are on the bottom of the layout, and yes the bullet angle is set to move towards the player but it should bug too on the layout 1 and that doesnt happens, i just want the bullets do the patterns like they do on the layout 1

  • No idea but if you remove the destroy enemy logic in the enemies tab it fixes it. Maybe stop the enemy that spawns bullets every 0.05 seconds from spawning things before it gets destroyed.

  • i will try it thx,

    edit: well i need a solution to this because you as a player will be able to kill the enemies and the bug happens when i set the events to destroy them

    edit 2: well i fixed it using a counter like the event triggers when there are enemies that can shoot <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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