Bullet direction changes?

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  • I have my sprite using a custom movement behavior to move about the screen. I have 3 image points that spawn other sprites that have a bullet movement behavior set to -200 so when the sprite is spawned it moves backward from the object.

    The problem I am having is that once I rotate the object the spawned sprites move in the opposite direction. Forward not Backward.

    Any ideas why this happens?

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  • Without seeing your CAPX I can just guess that it has something to do with the "ANGLE" of your Sprites and the Bullet

  • <img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-ySJZ7MGK6ts/TxR6OCB5IhI/AAAAAAAADyA/u_BNWgWyHEY/s720/ScreenCap01.jpg" border="0" />

  • Set the Angles of the ShipThrustRing to the Same Angle as teh CassieShip!

  • The angles are set the same. I even tried doing this in actions and setting the ShipThrustRing "Set Angle of Motion" to CassieShip.Angle. Still have the same problem.

  • and you are sure, that both angles are the same and that nothing is flipped or mirrored?

  • Yep, positive. Both are set to 0 angle.

  • well, as I said before - bughunting without the CAPX is tough....sorry

  • maybe, but I'm not sure

    on whatever event you want
      -> Sprite: Spawn Bullet at image point 1
      -> Bullet: set angle to Sprite.angle
      -> Sprite: Spawn Bullet at image point 2
      -> Bullet: set angle to Sprite.angle
      -> Sprite: Spawn Bullet at image point 3
      -> Bullet: set angle to Sprite.angle

    This way your bullets should be at the same angle as your spawner sprite, and since you set speed to a negative value, they should go backward as you want (if I'm not wrong)

  • Big thanks to Weishaupt. He figured it out for me.

    He set a System event that at every tick the Sprite set its angle to the ship -180 degrees. Works good now.

  • Hi! i'm trying make my first game with C2, i don't have any idea abour programming but in my game i'm setting my player like your ship and i have the same problem with the angle of the object. Can you send me a screenshoot of your little lane of code about this rotation? sorry about my english, that is also new for me.


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