Bullet - Bounce Off Object, Sprite Destroyed When Collides

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  • Hello, I have a question. I applied the bullet-bounce off object in a collision. But the sprite that supposes to bounce, get destroyed or disappeared. Why?

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  • Difficult to discern as to why that would be. Would need to see the events in order to understand what is going on. Providing an example capx file would help.

    My first guess would be that you have an event somewhere in your event sheet- On collision, that destroys the sprite.

  • Hai, Prominent, thank you for the response.

    After a good night sleep, today I've found the reason. It happens when the bullet speed is 0.

    I'm developing a simple asteroid Game and would like to have a bouncing effect when my ship hits an asteroid. I tried to apply physic behavior to my ship. But it doesn't work well together with custom movement and wrap behavior.

    Yesterday I learned about the bullet bouncing off object, but now I realize it has problem in 0 speed. And it bounce without considering any mass or speed of an object, which can only be found in physic behavior.

    I'm confused now how to make this works. Well I guess that will be another topic.

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