Bullet Behavior Instant Hit (like in classic)

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  • How can I achieve that? I need very fast bullets (and also invisible), but without Instant Hit feature (with just crazy speed, like 1000-2000) they will flew through objects without hitting them.

    Help needed.

  • That's a nice use for the while loop!

    while (bullet is not overlapping object)

    move forward some distance.

    Make sure you have a break statement in there somewhere, to prevent an infinite loop.

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  • Wont work. Cause my bullet can fly 5-7x times more distance than width of any solids. For example: solid is on 15, i shot bullet on 0.

    So it goes 0->10, then 10->20. It wont collide of overlap anything :(

    Of, if it will work, then bullet speed wont be enough for my project. It should be instant, or very close to it.

    Just tested it - its tooo sloooooow. And at preferrable speed it's as useless as just setting bullet speed.

  • Are you sure you're doing it right? make the bullet go in smaller increments if need be but if you are using a while loop properly the hit will always be instant.

  • Well, not exactly (poor me)

    I've used

    Bullet [Is Not Overlapping Solids] Move 1 px forward

    Bullet [Is Overlapping Solids] Bullet Spawn - hole, Bullet - Destroy

    Will try while loop. I just not familiar with it, sorry for not trusting, will go dig manual.

  • Whoa man! You rule!

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