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  • Hi, i've been having a few prblems. One is that i have made a top down game. i have made it so that the player always points to the mouse, and when you left click the bullet behavior is enabled. the problem is that my player is never stopped by objects with the solid behavior. i know i can use the 8 direction, but i prefer to control the player this way. is there anything i can do to make this work?

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  • It's hard to tell, when I don't see the code.

    But maybe one of these will solve your problem:

    Set "Bounce off" property of the bullet behaviour to "Yes".

    Make a collision event with all solid objects.

  • i tried both of those already. the bounce makes my character go into the corner and get stuck. the set to solid on collision has no effect. is this just a limitatuion of construct? di i need to switch to 8 direction?

  • And did you try adding an event "Player : on collision with wall" => "Player.Bullet.Speed = 0" ?

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