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  • Hi guys, quick question. I've been working on my game for ~2 years and I've decided I want to revamp ALL the graphics, but it's going to take a million years doing everything one frame at a time in the sprite editor. Is there a quicker way - can I get Construct to export sprite sheets that I can seamlessly re-import after updating in Photoshop, or something? I'm on the horns of abandoning my redesign as being just too complicated


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  • Hmm... you can save your project in a project folder instead of a capx, then you can access all your sprites and animation frames directly from the folder for editing in another program. They won't be in a sprite sheet though.

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  • Thanks for the idea! I thought about that, but it doesn't help with the basic problem of still having to open every single frame of animation one-by-one to make changes :/

  • It shouldn't be a big deal to open a bunch in photoshop if you're going to be editing frames manually anyway. If you're going to run through a regular process on all of them like lighting, color, or effect adjustments, you can set up a batch script in photoshop too, basically do the same thing to a set of files, similar to if you were to apply an effect on an entire spreadsheet.

  • That's a good idea, but what I really need to do is go through all of my sprites and replace all the black outlines of the pixel art with coloured lines, and I can't really automate that process, it needs to be picked out by hand, but at least if all the sprites got laid out in a handy way I'd be able to copypaste portions of it or do something to make my life easier :/

    So I'm assuming there really isn't an easy way to do this... oh well, time to go and update every sprite in the game 1 frame at a time

    EDIT: It's annoying because if you export to node webkit C2 will generate sprite sheets for everything in the package.nw. But it doesn't do this with a regular grid or anything, so you can't reimport that sheet for anything useful. I know it has the capability! I just wondered if anybody had a clever idea for a process I could implement. I but I guess not. Thanks for your help anyway.

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