How do I make building prefabs?

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  • I'm working on a topdown game and it'd really difficult to rebuild every building if i want them at a different angle. Is there a way to group objects together into a single object so I won't have to rebuild every single building?

    EDIT: Solved! For future reference, Select the objects you want to group together into one building and press enter. If you want to copy and paste that building you will have to press enter again!

  • Can you not just drag a selection box around the building and then copy and paste?

    There might be a way of grouping the objects together and being able to move that group around but I'm not quite sure how you would go about it. Containers were the only thing that came to mind but I don't think that they group objects int he way that you need them grouped.

  • I could do that, but the problem starts when I want to rotate that particular building. If I want the building at a different angle I essentially have to completely rebuild it. Which is difficult when I want an office building at a different angle.

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  • I can't believe that I can't find any feature of construct 2 to do this, are we being really stupid? There must be a function similar to families that has the ability to group objects, but allows you to move them as a whole and rotate about a common pivot, hmm.

  • This manual article should help. (Selection wrapping)

  • Yes, that's it!

  • This manual article should help. (Selection wrapping)

    You're a legend! I cant believe it was so simple as all the researching I did just came up with the families function which didn't do what I wanted.

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