Building for iOS with Ejecta without errors?

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  • Has anyone done that with a full game that has a pause, menus and loading screen using preloads?

    I'm not talking about one layout tests or games that are made in one layout with no loading screens or pause or anything.

    I'm stuck with a black screen with error on console

    Ejecta[1129:60b] ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery at line 16200 in index.js

    I followed tutorial from Ashley

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  • What you should do is check out what is going on at line 16200 in index.js and post it here so we can help you.

  • There is this line

    and its part of function
    [code:krtkhatj]instanceProto.onCreate = function()[/code:krtkhatj]
    which starts at line 16179.
    Here's the whole function  - [url][/url]
  • It looks like code from a third-party iframe plugin that has not been tested to work on non-browser engines and assumes the full browser is there. You will need to ask the plugin developer to fix it.

  • Removed the plugin and it worked.

    Pode - I am using your iframe plugin. Any ideas if you have time to fix it?

    However, I see super horrible FPS (with and without webGL), and webfonts dont work.

    I'm gonna try this - for the fonts.

    Wondering if you guys have any recommendations for the FPS? (our game runs at 33-40 fps on Android, it has been already optimized many times for collision polygons, animations and ton of things)

  • krish : since Ejecta isn't a real browser, the plugin isn't going to work (it's leveraging the browser underneath construct to use an iframe).

  • Pode - the plugin should not crash on unsupported platforms though, it should do nothing (and possibly log to the console that it's not supported)

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