How do I build shooter game

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  • hi everyone ,

    I'm in big trouble I wanna develop a bubble shooter game and I don't know how I can start note that I'm beginner in C2

    and the big problem I don't have much time

    please If anybody can help me

    any advice useful for me

  • The advices are simple, read the tutorials, the manuals and look at the C2 templates (when you create a new project on C2 a list with a lot of templates appears).

  • Read the tutorials and manual. You can begin here: ... onstruct-2

    Good luck...

  • I read it but I'm still confuse

    it give the basic thing and there nothing related to my game

    I wanna know how I can make the bubble ???

    I fill the screen from it or I just insirt one bubble from each color??

    and how I get it from the top

  • Start small, don't try to make a perfect clone for you first steps in C2, try to move a sprite, to understand the C2 logic, look at the event available, the conditions, the actions. Start with small challenges or you ll be lost.

    Put what you want on paper and write the logic before putting it in C2. It takes time, a lot of time at the beginning, but it's necessary.

    (Look at the template : verticale space shooter)

  • I already learn these things and build a simple game and understand all the basic things

    and I draw my game in paper

    and start develop my game , thanks for your advices

    but please can you tell me where I can find these template

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  • As I said in my first post, open C2, create a new project, here is the list

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