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  • I was wondering if there were any tutorials on how to recreate the Platformer and 8 way direction behaviors with the Custom Movement Behavior? I looked through the forum and didn't see any.

    My reasoning behind doing it is to get around not being able to pass through solids on different layers. My player character currently swaps between the Platformer and 8 Way behaviors no problem, but from reading on the forums, I see that I can't have him passing through solids (no matter what layer they're on) while the 8 way behavior is enabled.

    Any thoughts or help is appreciated.

  • Could you add a solid behaviour also, and trigger that on and off?

  • Well, I need enemies and civilians to react to the platforms too. So if I shut down the solids when 8-Way is turned on, they'll just drop through the floors.

  • In Construct Classic the platform behaviour had a function to add objects a list and ignore them (8 way did not have this though) maybe this is something that could be added to C2's behaviours?

    Though a tutorial for how to work with the custom movement would be great too. In my case I would like to use Custom Movement to add things that the normal Platform Behaviour doesn't support, like dashes or rope swinging. (I have done dashes with the platform behaviour, but i think custom movement dashes would give better results)

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  • I could have sworn I saw something like that for C2, but may be mistaken. It would definitely solve my problem. That or just making collisions effect on the same layer.

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