Build a physics wall that stops bouncing - SOLVED

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  • Hi all!

    I am trying to build a physics game similar to the classic jenga game.

    I have a solid floor and several blocks that I build a wall with. What I want is to clock on a piece of the wall and remove it. This works, however the wall doesn't stop bouncing, even when I have elasticity set to off.



    I played around with the amount of gravity which does improve things (like 2 or 3), but sometimes I again run into a situation where the blocks simply don't stop moving / swinging as if they have an engery source of their own :)


    Answered my own question. Solved it by increasing the linear and rotational dampening.

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  • Hi all!

    I still wasn't 100% happy and playing around with friction, elasticity and all these properties didn't really improve things.

    However I had more luck with the action: Physics world stepping

    I increased particularly one setting: Position iterations. I changed it from 3 to 30 and now the blocks settle down quickly, even at gravity 10.

    I checked the manual and while "Set stepping iterations" is explained, position iterations is not.

    So I'm wondering if someone could help me understand this particular setting. Whatever it does it solves my issue. The blocks settle down quick and the game is now really nicely playable and I can think about adding a system for players to take turns and so on...

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