How do I Build Nes Paperboy

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  • is iz possible to Build a game like papeboy? and when yes how?

  • Yes, what have you tried so far? What are you stuck on?

  • Stuck on the is 2,5 D or 2D ? :-/

    and dont Know-how i throw the paper in the line

  • 2d.

    Give the paper the bullet behavior. To shoot it create it at the player and set the angle of motion.

  • Ok great.

    Can you help me again? i tried now for a bit the Player sprite but i dont know how i drive like this NES Game? ..

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  • You might want to run through some tutorials before going on. I'm not trying to be rude but you do have 3 posts and they are all on this particular thread. It is beneficial to do a number of tutorials and get to understand the logic behind game development in Construct 2. Otherwise this will be an everlasting thread of us telling you how to build a paperboy clone.

    Remember, this is all math, so without understanding math it might be hard to do what you want. Algebra is the most basic and most used of all in any programming environment (eg: Set movement to Variable+Variable/2). So again, go do the tutorials and you'll understand more about how C2 works, and if you need, there are plenty of algebra tutorials (and more) online in various resources like or watch videos on YouTube.

    Good luck!

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