How do I build for mobile?

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  • Hello,

    im trying to build for android and i want to ask whats the best way to do it? Export as cordova and than Intel XDK cocoon or phonegap?

    And how do i include admob ads? I added an admob object and created an event on start of the layout -> show banner on bottom. When i test it i dont see any ads.

    I also tried the "Admob Ads" tutorial in the manual, but no luck.

    Thanks i advance

  • The first thing you'll need is a Personal license if you want to export to export to mobiles...

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  • In tests I've done on Android, I found the following:

    • Cocoon Josh: Best performance, but does not run on some Android emulators like BlueStacks. To set some details of the game, need to have premium account on the Ludei site. Apk file large.
    • Intel XDK: Good performance, runs on BlueStacks. Apk file large.
    • PhoneGap: Poor performance for games. Apk file medium.

    My suggestion is to test with your game.

  • Okay, thanks, guess i will go with Intel XDK for now. Any idea what could be wrong with the ads? Either test ads nor real ads show something

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