How do I build my game to android and ios without xdk

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  • HI,all!How do I build my game to android and ios without xdk?,is there anything else like xdk tool ? I use xdk to build my game caught so many problems and it's not easy to solve .

  • You can use phonegap build and cocoon but they all have different processes. XDK will have your games run the fastest. If your having trouble what specifically goes wrong when you build, we can help you out. I have zero trouble with XDK so I can help you.

  • PixelPower Thank you first to answer me.! my problem like this : before,I use the old xdk version 2089( with crosswalk) and can build my project successfully! now,the old xdk will not work!so when I update it to the new version,I got so many problems one by one .

    1 . I use a proxy to my network.when i build it to build with this error:

    ERROR (-9) from "client:upload-manager": Error in uploading project files: : Error in uploading project files: : Error in uploading project files: : unable to verify the first certificate Error at new ComponentError (F:\software\XDK\xdk\core-modules\public\component-error.js:17:1122) at makeError (file:///F:/software/XDK/xdk/components/client/upload-manager/upload-manager.js:17:170) at getComponentError (file:///F:/software/XDK/xdk/components/client/upload-manager/upload-manager.js:17:265) at file:///F:/software/XDK/xdk/components/client/upload-manager/upload-manager.js:17:11448 at _rejected (F:\software\XDK\xdk\node_modules\q\q.js:844:24) at F:\software\XDK\xdk\node_modules\q\q.js:870:30 at Promise.when (F:\software\XDK\xdk\node_modules\q\q.js:1122:31) at Promise.promise.promiseDispatch

    2 when i turn off the proxy and restart xdk and build it to android ,it will run all day with uploading project files,i have wait more than 3-4 hours and also try it again and again,my project is small!


  • Ok yes its not a problem with XDK if you use a proxy XDK blocks files from being uploaded in your case. How fast is your internet speed? It shouldn't take 3-4 hours to compile files.

  • My internet speed is 11MB(download) that i just test . I mean I wait it for 3-4 hours ,Even then, it will not finished all the day..then I close it and try again .

    but when I use the XX-Net proxy (which i can connect to google ) , it will upload with the error . I searched and asked

    the XDK forums,someone tell me that :

    It seems a SSL certification problem. Have you ever add a developer certificate? I noticed you are using Chinese simplified characters. I wonder are you located in China? Did you connect the internet through a proxy? (You have to use proxy to access XDK server in mainland China) If you did, it might due to the certificate isn't trusted behind proxy. Please try to set the HTTP proxy config. [/color]

  • Hi,PixelPower. do you know where can I see more build logs? I create a simple test c2 game and export it and build, the build failed but with no errors like this:

  • the problem is not cosider with internet access speed! Stop fulling him!

    After export in construct 2 open directory with exported files. open config.xml and delete all strings with plugins properties, then open .xdk file of your project - such as yourprojet.xdk and delete all strings with plugins too.

    only then open intelXDK, open your project and add all plugins manually! all should work!

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  • 1 . I use a proxy to my network.when i build it to build with this error:

    Could you please tell me what proxy are you using? With my proxy provider (, for some reason, failed to do.

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