How do I build and deploy my app using Xcode for IOS

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  • Hi,

    I have developed a few games now for Android but am now trying to get them to work on IOS. I have read all of the IOS instructions ranging from Ejecta, Cordova etc but am now completely lost.

    I have bought a MacBook Air specifically for this task and have signed up as a developer and now have Xcode running on my mac.

    I thought it was just as simple as exporting the project as a cordova build, then using the shared drive from my PC onto the Mac, import it and somehow build it, but this does not seem to be the case. The Xcode application does not seem to be able to find anything that I can use to build.

    I must be missing something here or do I still need to build the app using intels XDK then import it into the Xcode application.

    I just wish there were some really straight forward tuts on this as they may sound simple to experts, but not to those who have never done this before never mind having to try and use this damn MAC

    It really is a shame there is no native build in C2 for IOS and Android.

    If someone could help or point me to the correct / latest IOS build method with using Xcode that would be great.

    I might try and build it via the XDK in the mean time, to see if that gets me any further.



  • I'm going through the same thing at the moment. You might want to check out this ... lkphonegap and the last few posts of this thread 2-of-my-games-itunes-with-ads_t122930

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  • Thanks Codah. I will have a read.

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