How do I Build APK for Android

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  • I have made game 1 year back now its time to update something new

    even its ready to upload from 2 months

    but Intel not doing this service Now

    I have no option to build apk and I have to forget my all games as they are in play store

    Intel was giving free service but i did not found any other software that can do the same thing freely without any coding like intel, Yes, Construct 3 can do this but currently it does not supporting old third parties behaviors and plugins until authors of behavior and plugins make the same plugins for Construct 3.

    I will not purchase construct 3 because i buy C2 just 1 year back. Now again!!!! ohh Noo!! I can't

    Atleast Ashley should provide us something alternative or include app build service in C2.

    My Game are totally dying without update and I have made new game and wants to upload it on lay store but we don't have option.

    Where should we go ???

  • You can use

  • is this paid or free??

    and is it codeless??

  • There is a free version that will allow you to do 3 builds per day. Also, you can't import Cordova plugins with the free version.

  • in both case

    PhoneGap & Monaca

    their is no option for adding Third parties plugins like Appodeal, Cranberry plugin etc

  • Android Studio, Android SDK

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  • android studio is full of coding

    i never understand that

  • android studio is full of coding

    i never understand that

    Like Witchy said : Android Studio, Android SDK are your best friends when creating APK's . You better start to learn to use these two tools if you want to avoid the same problem you're encountering right now. If you're thinking of turning to phonegap or cocoon forget it, what would you expect from free-limited service === "CRAP" they can instantly do changes in their compiling method without consulting users, like what's happening right now in cocoon, you can read from the thread, last week everything working fine, until this week cocoon made some changes and it's not supporting webgl anymore and has some black screen issues, worse not launching the game, the reason why export to coocon was deprecated in C2. so I suggest you stay away from them.

    Hopefully the guys here in scirra would make life easier for C2 users, when C3 will be able to create a working APK on the fly. But even if its launch very soon, since it's still on its infancy stage bugs will definitely be present, it will take a bit more time before we see a good descent working APK with less bugs, which leads us back to using Android Studio and Android SDK.

    Since you're familiar of using XDK here's another alternative method when creating APK's using open source products? that include Android Studio

    Good Luck

  • okey

    i will give it a try

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