Bugs with my platform game

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  • I am trying to make a platform game but i am getting some issues that i don't know how to fix.

    Problems :

    1) Notice that when the player jumps , the slime will also jump and i want to stop that

    2) I want to make the fish swim but for some reason its not working but the slime movement is similar so i don't know what wrong here

    3) For sprite like slopes , how can i tell construct 2 to ignore write space ( so that its an actual slope

    Here is my attempt thus far


  • 1) To stop the Slime from listening to the players controls, switch defaults controls to "No" in the behaviour Properties, Now it will only move when you simulate those inputs with events.

    2) I don't think Platform behaviour is a good choice for movement of the fish, it's falling down because platform behaviour falls down until it it on a solid surface. A better choice for the fish would probably be to create some horizontal movement with events and add sine movement behaviour, or 2 sine movements.

    3. Every sprite( and every animation frame) has a collision polygon attached to it, you can see them and edit them in the sprite editor. Right now, all of your terrain sprites have a square on them, to change it, open the sprite in the editor and click on the tool/mode at the very bottom of the left toolbar( looks like a deflated, steampunk pacman ) now you can see, add, and move those points around until it lines up with the image

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  • Thanks for the help...do you have an example that demonstrate 2)

  • Maybe something like this?


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