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  • Hello!

    I am having great difficulty figuring out how to address the problems I am having with this capx.

    Events 239-254 tell sprites to appear at given locations.

    Events 255-262 set the animations of those sprites (since they are all the same sprite, just a different frame of animation).

    These animations are assigned to frame 4, 5, 6, and 7, as you will see.

    However, frames 0, 1, 2, and 3 actually appear, and strangely enough, in the correct order (as 0-3 are the same shape, minus an effect, as 4-7).

    I have tried to fix this relentlessly.

    I have another .capx that is the product of about 3 additional hours of work, but I fear it is so completely disoriented (at least, what I added in that time) that I must start from the .capx that I provided above again.

    Help would be greatly appreciated. I cannot figure it out. Perhaps tomorrow. (3:24am for me)

  • Hey teahouse,

    Take a look at this. I just moved the "set frame" to directly underneath where you initially spawned it. Seems to work well.


    I have only done it for the arrow keys, you will have to do the same for ASWD. then you can lose those last events altogether.

  • Great! Thank you, GenkiGenga!

    Also, The Adventures of Froghead is awesome!

    That gorilla is pesky, but nothing when compared to the mighty flying...thing...at the end! (Still haven't beaten him). Great job! Love the monkey spinning the clockwork, and the art and animations are really well made!

    Oh, and curious, you wouldn't happen to have an idea on how I could get the appropriate arrow to be destroyed up click the cooresponding key while the arrow is in the designated location (and no other arrow effected), would you?

    Thanks again!

  • No worries Teahouse :)


    I have updated it for the arrows to dissapear when you get it correct and also fixed another issue caused in the process (when two arrows where close enough together they would both dissapear because they are overlapping). Again I just updated the arrows only.

    I also robbed you of a bit of experience though :) so to help you understand whats going on, Ive just added a couple of conditions to when you press the arrow. Now when you hit the correct arrow at the right time the arrow is also destroyed.

    One added condition checks if the arrow we want to destroy is overlapping the correct "Effect spawn" object (Without this it would destroy all the arrows that were overlapping any "effect spawn" objects), the second condition added is to also pick the closest arrow to that object. This way it will only pick 1 per click (and always the one that is closest to the object).

    I hope I explained that ok. (if not i can clarify)

    Thanks for playing Froghead!

    Im really glad you enjoyed it. Haha, yeah even I struggle on the end boss at times. He doesnt play around! :)

    (Your game is also looking great by the way - the music is perfectly timed and it really feels like your playing the music. Some of the parts when the arrows come together is really challenging!)

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  • Thank you so much!!

    You absolutely took away no experience from me, because what I was lacking was the understanding of how instances variables interact with objects on an individual basis, since I had created events a couple days ago that wouldn't properly orient an instance's instance variables. Now I have been demonstrated that an "overlapping" condition, and likewise proximity references will only effect the instances that apply to those confinements! I thought I understood that, but at two points in my project I could not determine why events were malfunctioning, and I believe it has also had to do with those object's relationships to their conditions.

    I also had to reapply the knowledge that I'd gained from the manual pertaining to how the engine reads triggers vs conditions, coupled with indentations.

    I'm still working on a more complete understanding of what occurs each tick, and in what order. It seems simple, but I've run into issues that I haven't been able to identify the cause of. And then, since much of my work is so late in the night, frustration breeds exhaustion, and that doesn't nurture a very thought intensive disposition.

    So thank you so much once again! This has assisted my understanding of instance variable <--> instance interaction greatly!

    I will include you in the credit of the game once it has completed, and by the looks of it, I should be able to upload the entire first song to the Scirra Arcade! I will let you know once I've uploaded it so you can take a look at what your generosity has helped to create!

  • Wow, I think next time I might be the one asking you for help!

    I know what you mean about the late nights, I have had many trying to figure out what is going wrong in the past!

    I would be honoured with a mention in the credits but its really no problem, it was my pleasure. Others have helped me in much the same way so Im happy to pay it forward.

    Looking forward to playing it, definately keep me posted! ;)

  • Will do, and while unfortunately I have to take today off from working on the game, I hope that by the end of tomorrow I will be able to complete the first song and have it posted in the Scirra Arcade. Regardless, it won't be long now!

    And judging by the skill required to create The Adventures of Froghead, I don't think I'll be qualified to assist you in the immediate future.

    However, if you're ever looking for a hand on art design, I may be able to help!

    Likewise, a couple friends of mine produce audio, and have helped me out in the past with projects, so feel free to ask if you are having trouble finding the right sound effect or tune!

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