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  • I'm quite new to Construct 2 and am having multiple issues with my game that appear to be buggy behavior, but more likely are the result of my lack of understanding. It is a fairly simple game with a single sprite attached to a bullet spritebox which is controlled by the direction keys. Here are the issues:

    1. Although my 'ship' has an initial speed of 50 it just sits there for about 10 seconds before moving. Seems like a performance issue but I can't imagine that is the problem.

    2. I'm using a HUD as a debugger. The ship's angle of direction is 0 but it is moving to the right. Is that the expected behavior? I thought 0-degrees was up (north).

    3. In general there seems to be a long delay between keystrokes and when the sprite responds.

    Here is my capx: dl.dropbox.com/u/80427523/Battleship2.capx

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Your ship was scrolling till it reached the end of the layer then so it started to "move". Just delete the "Scroll to" behavior from shipbox so it can move all over the screen.

    0 degree = right

    90 degree = up

    180 degree = left

    270 degree = down

  • Thanks Nanuk. Clearly I would have seen that if I had a background image.

    Fast response too. You're awesome.

  • Anytime and have fun developing fun games =D

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  • In regards to number 3: I have a decently fast computer, and I don't have any problem with lag when pressing keys.

  • Down is 90 degrees and up is 270.

    I'd say the delay is because you're using 'on key released' rather than 'on key pressed'.

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