Else still bugged?

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  • I've read elsewhere that 'else' is bugged but the posts are very old, so just wondering if it still is.

    I have a setup like so....


    Indented Else     : Show Text A & B

       Indented again : A is not B - Action.

    I can clearly see in my example that A is not B because it's shown by the text above as 0 and 1, but the next indented line doesn't get processed anyway. There is no other code between the two lines, so it should 100% be processed since the text above confirms that A and B are different.

    So is Else still bugged when indenting like this?

    I've updated to point out that this is indented from a previous else, which I read was bugged, but that was 2 years ago.

  • The problems with else were in CC, any problems with c2's else were worked out quite a while ago (though there potentially could be a problem no one's found yet).

    I'm afraid I don't understand your pseudocode. Are the indents supposed to be subevents? C2 doesn't allow an else condition as a direct subevent, it needs another same level event preceding it.

  • It's definitely a bug of some kind, but I can't reproduce it. When I made a small program from scratch using the exact same logic, it works perfectly.

    Here's that program, it shows you the indents as I was attempting to describe them.


    That program is basically the same as my game, but obviously much simplified, but that's the 'else' logic that my game is following. On the final 'Else' line, as a bug-check I have set it to show the values of A and B. It my game they show as 0 and 1, and yet the very next line 'If A is not B' fails to process, so something is bugged. I'll just have to find another way around this one.

  • Don't ask me why but it's refusing to allow a link to the image of the program. Oh well.

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  • Forum is deciding to make my life hell tonight as well, dunno if you can follow that link.

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