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  • Right now, I am having issues with individual units that do not respond to collision with the path corners, which happens when the unit COMPLETELY OVERLAPS the corner path. I made use of families for the Units and the Corner Paths.

    Family of Units (Consist of 4 unit types which share data (press G, T, S, B to summon them))

    Family of Corner Paths (with different families specific for orientation)

    replace the ' dot ' with '.' since I am not allowed to make hyperlinks yet

    Attempt (with picture link)

    i179 dot photobucket dot com/albums/w315/Johnshi/not_responsive_unit_collision dot png?t=1389562651

    File (with link)

    You can use the mouse to click on the grey arrows or the buttons with letters G,T,S,B

    dropbox dot com/s/beylstzswagejo6/sftahg_0_1_1 dot capx

    Words describing source of problem:

    For each Unit family object that is overlapping Corer path family object

    -> Check using distance points with x and y coordinates for the Unit object instance and corner path object instance

    If corner path object is completely overlapped by the unit object:

    -> check angle of unit movement and set angle based on other direction of the arrow

    However, when I tested the game, I did not always see the individual units respond when completely overlapping the corner path object. Some of the time, the units simply pass by while on other times, when the units collide each other, they change direction when they are not completely overlapping the sign. It could be that I may have not understood the extent on how use of families can affect the way units respond.

    Is there any way I can be able to fix the issue so I can expect that each instance of the units properly collide with the corner paths.

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