Is it bug or I made it wrong ?!

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  • Hi, Its the first time to post here. I was going to post it as a bug but I dont know maybe I made it wrong !

    I need help in something. I made a game where you are a boy that is animated to run in his place at the left of the screen and the background appears to be moving. And from the right of the screen on ground. A ball full of spikes comes towards you. When it comes you shall click the screen once to jump over it. And there are arrows that start coming randomly after 8 sec of game play. They come from right of screen towards your head. You shall double click to double jump over it. Since they generate randomly. You need to jump or double jump randomly and fast. The problem is when the player lands on the ground after a jump and you jump again fast. He doesnt jump so he hits the spike ball and game over. Same with double jump and sometimes he only jump once when you double click instead of double jump. Okay what I did for the player is platform behaviour. When you click he do a jump. And ofcourse double jump is enabled. To understand the problem please try my semi finished game: [Link Deleted]

    I think you will figure out the bug when you play it !

    And if I can make the player jump or double jump with another way than platform behaviour. Maybe that will fix. I think the idea of the game doesnt use the platform behaviour. So what's the alternative ?!

    And Thank you

  • You need to post a CAPX, not an Executable, to get help.

  • I dont think it really needs to it !

    I have copyrighted objects + The only bug is platform jump behaviour some times dont work when you press it quickly

  • I seriously doubt you have found a new bug in the platform behaviour (not impossible but unlikely) but without a .capx or at least showing us your Events for the movement, it is impossible to say.

  • I will upload it. But please once you download it. Delete it.

  • Hi, Here is the file: [deleted]

    Sorry for taking some time to upload it, Hope you help me, I am really not used to post on any forum until there is a serious issue I have !

    Please try to play the game, It's easy, Just play it for some mins, Try to get score '40' You will see you cant, The reason is after you get score '26' an arrow will you come and you need to double jump immediately or you will lose, when you double click, He only Jumps once and then the arrow hits you and you lose, The bug is very obvious all the people who played the game complained about it !

  • The way you have the game set up now, you can jump once, then double jump if the player is still jumping. BUT You haven't set anything up to make him double jump if the player is already falling from the first jump. You need to make some kind of variable showing the state of your character (Is he running, jumping, double jumping, falling, landing).

    Edit: Also, you need to turn the platformer default controls to no.

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  • Hi,

    Can you pls tell me what to do exactly ?

    I tried several ways but that's the only way it worked for me !

  • I've fixed your issue for you. I also edited your layout properties and event sheets a bit to optimize them for you. You should keep a copy of your original capx file in case you ever want to change anything back for some reason.

    I was able to get a score of 91. There is an issue with your background music looping and saying "ready" again during the middle of a run. You'll need to fix that on your end.


    Please let me know once you have the file and I will delete it.


    Works Perfectly !

    I am speechless ! You really saved the game

    Thank you !

  • You're welcome. It's a fun little game. Good luck with it. I'm deleting the file now.

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