...bug fixes in my platform game

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  • hi everyone

    recently made a platform game and I'm two problems:

    1. The character gets "stuck" on the side of the floors "

    <img src="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/839/30271852079145464423315.jpg/" border="0" />

    2. difficult jump when another button is pressed.


    character behaviors: platform, scrollTo, BoundToLayout.

    floors: solid

    any sugestion??????

    sorry for any language mistakes;

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  • to the first question, make sure the bottom of the collision polygon of the player is flat. As well as the ground tiles are lined up even. also, try and keep the player collision polygon as square as possible. I've found that helps.

  • Or use another square or rectangular sprite as the collision polygon and assign the platform behavior to it like in the tutorials. Having the default collision polygon on a character with animations can cause all kinds of oddness with collisions.

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