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  • Hi this is my 1st time needing to post in the forums as I have found all the relevant information I have needed in the tutorials and forums. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide in this problem :)

    I am a little unsure how to add my construct file so I will do my best to describe the problem and hopefully it will make some sense.

    I am trying to re-create a bubble bobble style game. (fire coloured balls and if 3 line up they are destroyed)

    Here's a link I grabbed from Google just to give you all the kind of game I am aiming to re-create.

    Bubble Pop

    I'm struggling to destroy the balls when they line up. I have created a local variable within the sprites and given them a value of 1 and upon collision with the same colour increasing this number but then my bubbles are popping when they shouldn't.

    Sorry again for a newbie style post and I hope someone understands what I am trying to achieve and is able to offer some help.

  • Hi hugothewhitewolf,

    The easiest method I've found (and it seems others here as well) for sharing .capx files would be to use Dropbox. Here's more info on that in case you haven't gotten there just yet.

    Upload your game to Dropbox

    And for posting links to .capx files here, you can simply paste the link directly here, or wrap the url with the BBcodes. You can click on the BBcodes link below the reply editor to find more info on that.

    That said, I threw together a quick .capx example demonstrating how to destroy the bubbles based on the player's bubble color, represented by the animation frame.

    Basically, the sprite object's animation frames hold the various bubble colors. The Bubbles and Player have the same animations, but can be on different frames of the animation. When a collision occurs, a check is made to see if their animation frames are the same. They're both destroyed if so.

    Here's an exported example: Bubble Pop Game Example

    And the .capx: bubble-pop-game.capx

    Hope that helps ya out!



  • Thanks Ugotsta, but I'm already at this stage that you sent me. (destroying colours 1 on 1).

    I'm trying to achieve when 3 or more blue orbs connect, all connected orbs are destroyed. If 2 blue orbs connect then nothing happens and the game continues.

    Btw I like how you linked up the mouse to control the aiming range, I'm using keyboard controls but your method just feels easier.

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  • Again Thanks to Ugotsta for sending me the details for sending out my game as it stands.

    Bubble Game

    I hope this helps with viewing what I am trying to achieve. I have commented in all the sections to show what I am trying to do or what it is doing.

    All I have to do now is get the bubbles to pop when 3 or more of the same colour are connecting.

  • I think this was done using arrays, atleast thats what i would try to do :O

  • Arrays?

    I wouldn't even know where to begin there lol.

    I'll start researching arrays and see if I can find a solution from there and I'll let you all know how I get on. Can only help if I post the answer to my own problem lol.

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