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  • I created an object that when pressed, opens a browser window and brings the user to YouTube. The problem is, the video does not play. The video is just a black screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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  • Without seeing the .capx or the Events then it would be just (pointless) guesswork.

    What does the browser error console have to say?

  • A .capx shouldn't be necessary. I've programed it literally as simple and easy as it should be. Only like 2 lines of code. I'm not sure how to post an image.

    But my code is:

    On left button clicked on (the object) --- > Browser | Go to (the url on YouTube)

    ----> Browser | Request full screen | Centered

    It's that simple. Can I not play YouTube videos in the window it creates? Keep in mind that this window is not a normal browser like Firefox or Chrome. It's a window made from the export (the application) itself. This might be why it doesn't work. But there seems to be no option for changing it to Firefox or Chrome.

    The whole point in linking to a video (as opposed to the video being in the file itself) is to help prevent the exported file (the application) from getting too large.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "browser error console".

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