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  • Hey there. I'm using a C2 game embeded in an html page using the <embed> tag, which works wonderful.

    however, the Browser object action: request fullscreen. doesn't respond at all. Is there a way to make an embedded game effectively request fullscreen in any way while in any type of embedding?

    any help would be really appreciated ♥

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  • ok, i think I understand the problem here and I feel like an idiot...

    so, and embedded game is already fullscreen in it's own page, right?

    in any case, anyone can think on a way to make an embeded game turn fullscreen in it's parent page? :S probably not possible.

    I'm thinking maybe i can use the game go to it's own page, so it's already fullscreen there, and when i want out of the fullscreen, go back to the previous page... that would mean reloading the game though, which is really far from ideal.

  • Things like youtube or similar actually achieve this though....

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